Welcome to this site where you will find information on my career profile as a musician, mixing engineer and educator of studio and live sound & music production.

I have been involved with music since the age of four when I received my first drum sticks. Much later on I became a session player, often as a guitarist and sometimes as a bass player or drummer. Then for some time I performed as a solo singer/songwriter occasionally accompanied by a band. As a live performing musician I enjoyed the experience of freedom of expression in front of a captive audience on many occasions. However, once the concert was over, the inevitable void soon crept in...

Teaching, on the other hand has allowed me to maintain an element of genuine expression and communication whilst retaining a sense of connection with the ‘audience’ once the class is finished. The relationship with this audience is more long term and potentially more stable. It can lead towards self discovery which in turn allows for more meaningful and useful exchanges. The combination of my career as a musician and that of a teacher has enabled me to build industry relationships and personal friendships which have fed directly into my teaching practice, which has benefitted my students.

The pedagogy of audio mixing is an area of research which I find intriguing. Since the digitization of audio media, consumers on the domestic market have been able to obtain the tools necessary to produce hi-fi recordings. However, producing a quality audio mix remains an art. This means it takes time to develop the skills as a mixing engineer in a similar way as it happens for a musician to express a response to an audience.

It is this area in particular which I find the most interesting and rewarding as a practitioner and educator. Over the years, I have developed, and implemented with success, a range of teaching methods that enable aspiring mixing engineers to improve their techniques and artistic sensitivity.

Whether you are an industry professional, teaching practitioner or a training/educating institution, I hope you find this site useful, by perhaps offering some personal insight into my practice as a musician, mixing engineer and educator.

October  2017